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Revit family data (.rfa files) for the following products are currently available.
2023.01.16 update
2022.11.14 update

BS-1015BSB, BS-1015BSW, BS-1030B, BS-1030W, 
BS-301B, BS-301B AS, BS-301W, BS-301W AS,
BS-633A, BS-633AT,
BS-678, BS-678B, BS-678BSB, BS-678BSW, BS-678BT, BS-678T
CS-154BS, CS-154, CS-304, CS-304U,
CS-760B, CS-760W
CS-761B, CS-761W, CS-761BS-B, CS-761BS-W
F-1000B, F-1000BTWP, F-1000BTWPEB, F-1000W, F-1000WTWP, F-1000WTWPEB
F-122C, F-122CU, F-122CU2,
F-1300B, F-1300BTWP, F-1300BTWPEB, F-1300W, F-1300WTWP, F-1300WTWPEB
F-1522SC, F-1522SCEN
F-2000B, F-2000BTWP, F-2000BTWPEB, F-2000W, F-2000WTWP, F-2000WTWPEB
F-2322C, F-2322CU2, F-2322CEN
F-2352C, F-2352CU2, F-2352CEN, F-2352SC, F-2352SCEN
F-2852C, F-2852CU2, F-2852CEN
HS-120B, HS-120W, HS-1200BT, HS-1200WT
HS-150B, HS-150W, HS-1500BT, HS-1500WT​

HX-5series, HX-7series,
IP-A1AF, IP-A1PC238, IP-A1PC580R, IP-A1PC580S, IP-A1PG, IP-A1SC15,
N-8600MS, N-8410MS, N-8610RM, RM-210
PC-668, PC-668R
PC-1860, PC-1680EN, PC-1860BS, PC-1860BS-C, PC-1860F, PC-1860S, PC-1865BS
PC-1868 series
PC-2360, PC-2360EN

PE-154BS, PE-154EN, PE-154EN-BK
PE-64, PE-304, 
PE-304BU, PE-304WU, PE-604BU, PE-604WU, PE-64
PJ-100W, PJ-200W
PJ-64, PJ-304
PM-660 series
RM-200M, RM-200X, RM-200SA, RM-210,
RM-300X, RM-210F

SC-610, SC-610M, SC-610T
SC-615, SC-615BS, SC-615M, SC-615T
SC-630, SC-630M, SC-630T, SC-630TU
SR-F04, SR-F08
SR-S4L, SR-S4LWP, SR-S4S, SR-S4SWP, [SR-S4L + SR-S4L], [SR-S4S + SR-S4L],
TC-615, TC-615M, TC-651M, TC-631, TC-631M

TS-820, TS-820RC,TS-821,TS-822
TS-920, TS-921, TS-922 and TS-905, TS-907

TS-D1000-CU, TS-D1000-DU, TS-D1000-EX, TS-D1000-MU, TS-D1000-SU
other TS series

TZ-105, TZ-205
TZ-206B, TZ-206W, TZ-206BWP, TZ-206WWP
VX-3308WM, VX-3065BB

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